Help with buying and selling ships

Selection of ships, verification of documents, processing of transaction as soon as possible

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How easy is it to find out the cost of a ship?

In the past, even a preliminary assessment of a ship had to be paid from $10,000. But technology is coming to our aid. We are ready to assess your ship for free, with a trained, high-precision AI model

Evaluation of the ship

Just enter the ship's data by its name or imo. And based on its haulage, age, condition, estimate it.

AI evaluation

The most up-to-date model predicts the value of the ship in the next 15 years. Helps you choose the best time to sell it.

Free consultation with a specialist

We have specialists with more than 10 years' experience in buying and selling ships

Buying or selling a ship

Buying or selling a ship can be difficult, we recommend Ships for sale which has extensive experience in ships for sale San Marino